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User Guide Deals by

What is Deals by
Deals by recommends the best daily deals in your city.
How is the process of purchasing deals?
  • 1. Select your favorite deals in
  • 2. Check the details of the deals which included its description, pricing and date of promotion.
  • 3. Simply click "Deal at ..." button, you will be directed to the dealer's website.
  • 4. You will be guided on how to purchase the products in the dealer's website.

If you have not registered yourself with, it is recommended that you could register yourself first, because there are a lot of benefits after you have registered yourself. For example, you could use "Add To My Favourites", "Add To My Bought" and "My Subscription" functions which would give you lots of conveniences.
It is very easy to register yourself, simply click the "Register" tab at the top right of the page, then it will direct you to the "User Registration" page. Fill in your details and click the "Register" button. After that please check your email because you will need to activate your account through the user registration email by clicking the url that we send you.

If you found the deals that you are interested with, simply click the "Add to Favourite" button and your favourite deals will be added to "My Favourite" page. After that you can view it any time and purchase the deals before it is expired.

If you have bought the deals and you wanted to mark down the deals that you have bought and also its quantity, simply click the "Add to Bought" button and key in the quantity. The deals will be recorded in the "My Bought" page.

If you want us to email you the latest deals with your own preferences, after you login, simply click "My Deals Subscriptions" tab or "My Subscriptions" button at "My Account" box, and you will be directed to the "My Subscriptions" page.

In "My Subscriptions" page, you may choose your preferences categories, locations and alert frequency(you could check all or uncheck all), and then click "Save Changes" button. Then sit back and relax, we will send you the emails which contain the deals in accordance with your preferences.

It is definitely not easy to find the deals that you want, because there are many deals coming up everyday. Yet you can choose to see the deals that you want by filtering the deals with the filtering functions. Simply key in the key words, choose the locations, categories or sort it with many useful sorting methods. For example, Recently Added, Ending Soon, Most Bought and so on ...
For your information, you could simply key in any keyword which related to the deals that you want to see. For example, if you key in "mydeal" at the "Search for deals" input box and click the search button, you will get the deals from MyDeal; if you key in "Groupon Malaysia", then you will get the deals from Groupon Malaysia ...